Work With Us

As a TEC West employee, you get the star treatment: 

  • Paychecks directly deposited into your bank account or mailed to you

  • Paystubs and accrued PTO viewable online

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance options and other benefits

  • Immigration services (contact us for more information)

  • Reminders, tips, and news streaming on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitterYoutube, and Pinterest

How it Works

  1. You apply for one of our jobs on our website or a job board platform

  2. Your TEC West recruiter calls you to discuss your experience, your job preferences, and various available job opportunities

  3. Our clients send interview requests to your recruiter

  4. Your recruiter helps you prepare to interview, and you nail it!

  5. When the interview process is complete, you discuss your offers and benefits options with your recruiter and accept the job!

  6. Our onboarding team contacts you to give you access to our online onboarding system or to schedule an in-office appointment to complete your paperwork 

  7. We double-check your information, set up your payroll processing method, and confirm your start date, while you may be required to complete a drug screening

  8. You become an employee of TEC West and begin working onsite at one of our clients’ locations!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just apply for the company I’ll actually work for?

Managing a workforce requires a ton of paperwork that is time-consuming and costly. For some companies, it makes more sense financially to hire employment experts to take care of their employees.

What role does a recruiting agency play?

Recruiting agencies handle all the little details such as publishing job descriptions, looking for candidates, screening background checks, ordering drug tests, and matching job seekers with job openings.

How do I connect with a recruiter?

Recruiters post jobs both on their company’s website and on various job boards, like ZipRecruiter. The recruiter will then contact whoever applies to one of their postings. All of TEC Wests' current openings are on the link below.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can simply submit your resume below and a recruiter will contact you shortly.

Who do I work for?

 TEC West is your employer. You submit paperwork to us and we process your payroll.
Physically, you will work at the location of one of our clients and answer to them about job-specific duties.

When will I hear back about my applications?

Once your recruiter submits a resume, it’s up to the client company or VMS to make the next decision. Your TEC West recruiter will let you know as soon as they hear anything.

Why am I asked about my social security information?

A recruiter should never ask you for your full social security number. However, you may be required to give the last four or five numbers to be submitted for a job. That string of numbers acts as your unique candidate identifier. The number is only used by some employers to track if you have previously applied or worked for their company.

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